TIC Development
Building Your Wealth Through Real Estate


Making Property Investments Thrive

Best results are achieved when a team of competent, pro-active and knowledgeable people work together in good faith towards the same goal.


Investment & Development

People build wealth through real estate. TICDev acts as your advisor for the identification and acquisition of property suitable for development, providing guidance to create a team to realize your strategic goals for project planning, change of use and project management through to the sale. Whether you want to be offsite 100% or at the property immersed in the details of the project, we will help you build a team of professionals tailored to your level of involvement and the development project’s size, scope and budget. We want to help you succeed with every real estate investment to improve the quality of your life.

Real Estate Evaluation

TICDev evaluates single-family homes, developments or income property for highest and best use. We provide a comprehensive market analysis that includes market timing, possible uses of the property and current and potential future value. Together we will arrive at the best investment strategy for your property, partnering with our network of development planning professionals. Whatever your property, we will help you evaluate it for a clear picture of how you will benefit in the short and long term.

Project management & Permitting

We understand property development from foundation to roof. TICDev has a network of seasoned architects, contractors and builders that perform beyond expectation to complete your project. We recommend first rate designers to optimize every project design for current market appeal. As property owners ourselves, we've learned a thing or two and head off issues before they become problems. The TICDev network manages the development strategy, planning, design, change of use, and vendor sourcing. Our network of development professionals does the heavy lifting for you.

Conversion & Change of Use

Real estate is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but the obvious upside in identifying the right investment property can be difficult. The TICDev network helps you evaluate residential and commercial property for conversion to TIC (Tenants-in-Common) or Condominium ownership or for rental income property improvements, in compliance with local zoning and planning code. We are experienced in identifying those properties and our network will determine the best development strategy. Properties may benefit from a change of use; like a warehouse or multi-unit conversion. 

Financing & Funding

Getting financing for the purchase and development of properties can be challenging. TICDev works closely with banks, mortgage brokers, and hard-money lenders to help you make your financing decisions. TICDev helps you find access to the finances you need to reach your development goals. 

Opportunity & Risk Assessment

We consider your financial goals to guide you to the right lenders that fit your budget, risk tolerance and timeline. We will connect you to the industry's best professionals to tailor the development plan with construction professionals, budgeting and costs with financial professionals, legal protection working with the best attorneys, insurance policies from the smartest local agents, and more;  you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your real estate portfolio. CEG understands the complexity of the development process and we care about your real estate success.

Co-Ownership & Investment 

Whether you're making an investment as a single owner or with partners, TICDev can guide you to the proper professionals to create a project that's beautiful, successful and profitable. Our network covers the SF Bay area and the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles region.

Tax Strategy & 1031 Exchange 

Use a 1031 exchange or other tax advantage strategy, managed by tax professionals, to divest your current property and build your real estate portfolio. TICDev will guide you to the top professionals to create the best tax strategy for your real estate investment. Once your plan is in place we will help you identify and purchase the optimal replacement property. 

Home Purchase & Sales

We understand the needs of home buyers and sellers, and negotiate on your behalf for the best result. We take pride in clearly explaining and navigating your home purchase or sale to guide your investment. TICDev provides same stellar service for the first time buyer and luxury homeowner alike. We help you identify a home that will suit your lifestyle needs and provide a great potential for upside when you're ready to move on. Our team expertly lists and markets your homes for sale with strategies to create maximum buyer excitement and exposure.  Our vast track record of closed deals and our commitment to your success ensures you the highest level of service.

Sales & Marketing

TICDev is unsurpassed at promoting your home or property for sale for top dollar. We deliver sales and marketing to highlight your properties desirability and investment potential through value-added upgrades to your home, expert home staging, and state-of-the-art branding and marketing materials. Attracting buyers through our network of top agents, we expose your property to the world with private tours, open houses, brokers tours, twilight and catered events. We use print, video, snail mail, email and digital marketing to cast a wide web for the largest response. Our customized marketing program reaches local, national and international Real Estate professionals and consumers with forward thinking, smart campaigns that highlight the property and result in record sales.