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Building Your Wealth Through Real Estate


Investing in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles Real Estate

Our Clients.

You want to invest in real estate but don't have the time, knowledge, connections or expertise to make it happen successfully.

You've invested in real estate before and are looking for the right strategic partner and project. 

We partner with you. 


The Investor

TICDev identifies residential or commercial development opportunities to meet or exceed your investment goals. We will serve as your strategic advisor or can manage the development project through to the sale. Our banking contacts can arrange all financing and development costs.


The Home Buyer

TICDev offers home buyer representation that gives you something extra by helping you build wealth faster. We focus on locating your home in areas seeing appreciation and identify properties that have opportunity for improvement to accelerate your asset value.

The Money Manager

You have funds and want to make an investment in real estate to enhance and diversify your portfolio. You want to know how to begin. TICDev can find your client properties according to their budget, needs and timeline; we guide you through the process to make your real estate investment process simpler.


The Home Seller

You are a homeowner who is ready to sell your home. We strategize with you to positively affect the successful sale of your home for the highest possible price while advising you on how to leverage the net proceeds from the sale into your next property purchase for best future advantage.


The Investor Group

Your family, and friends want to invest in real estate as a group. TICDev can guide you toward the right professionals to formalize your real estate partnerships for maximum growth and protection. Our network can help you decide which investment property meets your time commitment and financial goals. 

The Happy Retiree

You've paid your dues and saved money, making sound investments through your life. You're looking for a low-risk rental property to increase monthly income so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without the bother. Choose a real estate investment that maintains financial stability.




In the words of our valued clients...




We inherited a single family rental home bringing a 2% Cap Rate on return. We sold the home and purchased 5 units in Berkeley bringing us a 5.5% Cap Rate on return, for 40% more income. Three of the units were below market rate, so we had an upside on future rents. CEG helped us identify our underperforming asset, lay out a tax deferred 1031 exchange strategy and found us our replacement property, managing the sale and purchase seamlessly. Thank you to Michael and CEG for your expert guidance.
— John H. and Paul H., Brothers


I wanted to diversify my portfolio through real estate development. I met Michael Gallin who strategized with me for the purchase of several multi-unit buildings. I began small; and through a change of use for the buildings, I converted the individual units into Tenants-in-Common (TIC’s) over a period of years. I used the proceeds of the sales to purchase multiple and even larger properties. Michael’s expertise in real estate and selling investment properties over many years is outstanding. I highly recommend CEG for those wishing to diversify and gain wealth.
— Theresa M.


I joined a group of investors introduced to me by CEG. We developed a multi-unit into a Tenant-in-Common and sold it. We invested the proceeds into 3 more projects for a total net profit that allowed me to plan for the next income phase of my life. This is the best outcome I could have imagined. Run, don’t walk, to consult with CEG on how to increase your bottom line through investing in real estate.
— Kevin B.


Christopher has the perfect blend of street smarts and educated know-how to service his clients effectively. As an owner and landlord, I know the importance of choosing a top professional to market my properties. His ability to assess the value and potential of each property is crucial to the marketing process.
— M. Nourieli


Thank you for all your work and support. You were right on the money in terms of pricing and the renovation required. Counselor, designer, marketing guru ... you are truly a full-service broker.
— M. Thompson